Hero Manager

Hero Manager is a management game with focus on hero psychology, featuring auto-battler combat. Assemble a powerful squad, upgrade your base, form bonds with townsfolk and maintain high morale among your team. Can you lead your heroes to victory?

More About Hero Manager

Assemble Your Team

Choose from various heroes to create a powerful adventuring team. Improve your heroes to unlock their full potential, while considering their unique emotional responses that impact their combat abilities. With numerous attributes to weigh, craft a one-of-a-kind hero squad.


Triumph in Battles

Engage in thrilling battles against formidable foes using an auto-battler combat system. Protect your town by neutralizing threats and claim rich rewards, including gold, experience, fame, and rare equipment.

Explore The Town

Explore the town's diverse locations and charming characters. In every building, you'll meet a shop owner with a unique personality and story. As you get to know them better, you might get discounts and upgrades that will help you on your journey.


Upgrade Your Base

Your base serves as the heart of your operations. It allows you to improve your heroes through diverse means. As you progress you'll be able to upgrade different sections of your base, providing significant strategic advantages.